The looks you need this Fall/Winter

Where the Earth Meets the Sky is our Fall/Winter 2021 collection, and we’re really excited to put it into focus in this article. From comfy sweater and pants to oversized shirts, shearling jackets and more, we’ve got you covered with stylish garments that perfectly suit the season.


Mellow Fellow Rib-Knit Sweater Pants + Crack of Dawn Rib-Knit Half-Zip Sweater

Embrace those earthy tones with our stylish pants and sweater combo. The latter offers a front-facing Kangaroo pocket to keep your hands warm, or for those moments you want to store essentials, while the pants have a drawstring elastic waist for an all-round relaxed fit. Together, they’re a comfy yet stylish pairing that can be worn on winter walks or for trips to the mall.

Shop the pants here and the sweater here.

Pair with a sleeveless denim jacket for a pop of color.


Cozy Up Oversized Woven Plaid Overcoat

From a fashion perspective, Fall/Winter is one of the best times of the year. After all, it gives you an excuse to wrap up warm and let your clothes do the talking. With that in mind, look no further than our plaid overcoat, which sports a distinctive frayed hem for that rustic look. You can expect a dropped shoulder, open front lapel collar and two colors to choose from: earthy Taupe or relaxed Charcoal. The great thing about an overcoat is that it steals the show, so it can be paired with just about any outfit. Wear it open or closed depending on the weather.

Shop the Cozy Up Oversized Overcoat from our store today


City Slicker Distressed Cowl Neck Sweater

A good cowl neck sweater never goes out of fashion. Equally, it’s something that looks great even after years of use. Our latest has a distressed hem and cuffs for that edgy look; you can also look forward to rib-knitting and a relaxed, loose fit.

Opt for it in a rust Brown, or a stylish Cream, or a timeless Heather Grey. Pair it with jeans and a denim jacket for those wintry afternoons and evenings.  


Teddy Time Oversize Shearling Jacket

The classic shearling jacket was worn by aviators and motorbike riders many moons ago. Today, it’s a stylish and useful garment when the Fahrenheit drops. Available in a Fall-appropriate Taupe, you’ll fall in love with the distinctive neckline and long, flowing sleeves. Wear it with classic blue jeans and boots. Buttoned up or down, it’s a showstopping addition to your winter wardrobe.

Add the Teddy Time Shearling Jacket to your collection today.


Piece of Work Acid-Washed Denim Jumpsuit

There’s no two ways about it: an acid-washed jumpsuit is sure to make you stand out. For those lazy – yet extravagant – winter mornings, shop this popular garment from our online store. With a zip-front closure and elasticated waist, it’s easy to jump in and out of, and ensures you’ve got an outfit sorted in seconds. No need to agonize over the right jeans and tee combo: a jumpsuit has your bases covered and looks great to boot.