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Spring streetwear styles for 2021

Spring is one of the most celebrated seasons in fashion; a time when the weather is still cold enough to opt for jackets, boots and other winter staples, but warm enough to pare back the layers too. In the article to follow we’ll pinpoint the must-have styles for 2021, with everything from bold floral prints to white knee-high boots in focus.

Bold shoulders are a signature 2021 style

Givenchy, Balmain and Carolina Herrera have all shown off jackets sporting big shoulders for the upcoming spring season, bringing back a look that won favor in the 1980s. Shoulder pads help you to lengthen your silhouette, making your legs look longer and your waist slimmer. Downplay the look with a simple tee and jeans or dress it up on a night out. The choice is yours.

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Blacks and whites go together timelessly

Contrast is in for 2021, and it doesn’t come anymore timeless than a white and black fitted dress with the monochrome colors split right down the middle (Gabriela Hearst). In fact, many of the major designers are toying with this color combination. Look no further than the outfits on display at the Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel shows.

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Billowing bell bottoms

There was a time when skinny jeans were all the rage – so much so that men were adopting them too. But billowing, baggy bell bottoms are very much on trend, meaning you can safely retire those stovepipes to the back of the cupboard. The baggy look might not give you the figure-hugging silhouette you crave, but baggy is the must-have style choice this spring.

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Oversized shirts

Staying with the oversized theme, make sure you have an XL shirt to call your own – and it doesn’t need to be your boyfriend’s. Wear as a dress on its own or pair with a pair of jeans for an instant Instagram-worthy look.

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Pretty in pastel

Pastel colors are on trend this year. One of the major reasons? Soft shades of pink, blue and green are complimentary on a wide variety of skin tones, and work with outfits of all shapes and sizes. Everything from a boiler suit to an oversized trench coat can take pastel shades, and the colors are soft enough to stay in style all year long.

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Flaunt it in floral

If you want to stand out in the crowd – yet remain chic – you can’t go wrong with floral in 2021. Tom Ford, Valentino and Christopher John Rogers are just some of the designers to debut bold floral prints for the year to come. Think tulip dresses with a splash of neon or flowing dresses the color of the sun. No – you’re not going to blend in… and that’s the point.

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Take it back to the ‘60s in some white boots

If you’ve ever watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, you’ll have noticed that screen starlet Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie) rocks some seriously cool white boots during the film. The film, a love letter to the 1960s, captures the spirit and fashion of the time.

Turns out the white boot is back in 2021. Wear it with a classic rollneck, mini dress or pair of leggings and make an impression wherever you are in the world.

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