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Seven fashion trends that are making a 2021 comeback

Like it or not, what’s chic today might not be so cool tomorrow. And, as decades come and go, clothing styles are buried beneath the sands of time, never to be seen from again.

Or are they?

In this article, we run through seven styles that had their heyday many moons ago but are firmly back in the collective consciousness today. Some of these styles have had revivals before, while others have been stuck in obscurity for years.

From durable denim to the ‘80s sneaker, let’s unpack the weird and wonderful and sometimes painfully stylish trends below.


These flared jeans might not be for everyone, but there’s no denying that the bell-bottom grabs attention and communicates retro aspirations in spades. Consider pairing with a wide-legged pair with a classy blazer and closed shoes. And if you really want to win retro points, opt for flared jeans made out from denim.


Denim has a spotty history, riding a wave of peaks and valleys. One minute it’s fashionable, the next it’s the last word in bad taste. Well, the tides have changed and denim is back in, with denim miniskirts, ripped denim jeans and denim jackets great options throughout the year. Put a few of these pieces in your wardrobe and get ready to put them into hibernation when the next inevitable swing comes around. 

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Corduroy is a versatile, hardy material that exploded in popularity in the ‘70s before disappearing virtually overnight. Not anymore. Corduroy trousers and tops are back in fashion and are suitable for both women and men. There’s no mistaking the distinctive cord pattern that harks back to a time when there was Aerosmith on the radio and a true craving for societal change.  

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Trouser suit

Ladies, it might be a masculine look at first glance, but the trouser suit – a two-piece number that pairs matching bottoms and uppers – can look incredibly graceful. To stand out, opt for a blazer with puffy shoulders and statement buttons, then finish off with a pair of heels to really glam up the outfit.

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Chunky sneakers

The ‘80s ushered in all manner of iconic looks, from big hair to faux fur, denim to colorful makeup. Yet, there’s arguably been no bigger revival than the bulky sneaker.

Balenciaga is the most notable contributor to the look, with the fashion brand capturing what this decade looked like; lurid colors clashing against one another in combinations that shouldn’t work – but do.

Make no mistake: these shoes aren’t sleek or conventionally stylish, and that’s exactly the point. 

Gladiator sandals

Strappy gladiator sandals are making a comeback in 2021. The work as a dramatic style statement alongside both dressed up and dressed down looks – and they’re exceedingly comfortable to boot. Rita Ora and Kourtney Kardashian have both worn knee-high versions that look absolutely stunning, but if you want to be less showy, you can always get an ankle-length pair. 

Over-the-knee boots

The boot that covers the knee is just that more alluring, that much more daring, that much more ‘60s. These boots signified our move away from stuffy suburban conservatism towards a more empowered, liberated culture – and in 2021, they’re exactly the statement piece that says you know your fashion history, and you know how to make an impression.