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Fast Fashion Ideas: How to look great with little time

We get it: as summer comes into full swing, we’re more pressed for time than ever. There are places to be, parties to attend, social functions to enjoy. Still, if you live in LA, or have visited before, you know that people like to look good. How, then, do you put your best foot forward when you’re pressed for time?

Ideally, plan your outfits ahead of time

If you have the chance, set aside an outfit the night before so that you can maximise the time you’ve got the next day. The next base case scenario is that you turn to tried and tested combinations that have worked in the past. In this case, you subconsciously know what works and what doesn’t. That’s assuming all your laundry is done, of course; or that you can find what you’re looking for; or that you haven’t recently sent a whole lot of clothes off to charity.

With that in mind, we’ve got a few good tips for looking good when you’re pressed for time.

A good dress takes minimal effort and looks great to boot

There’s really no excuse for leaving the house in clothes you don’t like – after all, it takes no time at all to pop on a dress. If it’s hot out, consider our Floral Chiffon Ruffled Mini Dress which look great paired with a comfortable pair of sandals; or try our popular Sunshine Mini Sundress, which suits a sunhat and boots.

For more formal occasions, our Shortgrass Meadow Ruched Print Prairie Dress has you covered. The shape and fit are perfect for relaxed yet classy evenings while the polka-dot print gives you a slightly quirky edge.

You can’t go wrong with a stylish hoodie and jeans

Going somewhere in a hurry? The tomboy look always has its place. Our David Bowie hoodie is stylish and comfortable and carries the official licence of the late rock idol. The heather gray base contrasts with the pops of color that ensure Bowie’s name stands out, and the hoodie is available in S, M and L to ensure optimal fit. Pair with blue denim jeans and sneakers to finish off the look.

Alternatively, pop on a jacket and let it do the work

A good jacket can make a statement and give off the impression you’re making an effort – even though you’ve only had to pluck it from the nearest hangar!

Consider our Great Escape-inspired motorcycle jacket, which is available in camel or charcoal, and is versatile enough to go with just about anything. Or, try this long-sleeved denim jacket, which can be buttoned up (if you don’t like the tee-shirt you’re wearing), or left unbuttoned and hanging loose. Either way, it’s enough of a statement piece to take all the attention away from any other garments you might be wearing.

In the end, it’s easy to feel that the clock is against you, but with a bit of effort and a few snazzy options to hand, no one ever has to know that you’ve thrown a look together in minutes!